A Virtual Encyclopedia of the Battle of Gettysburg

Whether you are on the battlefield or in the comfort of your home, now you can carry a virtual encyclopedia of the Gettysburg battle in the palm of your hand!





An Indispensible Tool!

Pocket Gettysburg is a reference and research tool to map, search, and display information about the monuments in the Gettysburg National Military Park and greater Adams County, Pennsylvania, as well as the military units and people who participated in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Specs overview

Pocket Gettysburg includes a database of about 1200 monuments, memorials, plaques, historical markers, and wayside markers from the Historical Marker Database (HMdb.org).

It also includes regimental histories, strengths and losses, succession of command, and other details about the 860+ military units that were present at the battle (regiments, brigades, divisions, corps, and armies), as well as a navigable "Order of Battle" showing the hierarchy or chain of commands between military units.

Lastly, Pocket Gettysburg includes the names, military assignment(s), and in many cases photographs and birth/death/burial or other details about the commanders and more than 60,000 of the other people who were connected with the battle, including every person who is buried by name in the Soldier's National Cemetery.

The databases are cross-referenced so you can find "Monuments linked to this unit", "People linked to this monument", etc.

NOTE: Pocket Gettysburg is a reference tool and does NOT attempt to provide a "tour" or narrative description of the battle. That role is best filled by a Licensed Battlefield Guide.

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Version History

    Pocket Gettysburg 2.2 for iPhone/iPad 28 Jan 2020

    • Fix Maintenance release to account for changes to iOS.

      Pocket Gettysburg 1.0 for Android Discontinued 11 Oct 2018

      • Due to unreasonable new restrictions placed on the product by Google, we regret that the Android version of the product has been discontinued. The iOS version of the product is still supported.

      Pocket Gettysburg 2.1 for iPhone/iPad 26 Feb 2015

      • Fix Made interface improvements for iPad.
      • Fix Data tweaks

      Pocket Gettysburg 2.0 for iPhone/iPad 9 Feb 2015

      Program Features:
      • New Source citations!
      • New Search for military units based on the count(ies) where they were raised or recruited;
      • New Search for people based on their place of birth/residence/burial;
      • New Hot links now point to the appropriate records in the NPS Soldiers & Sailors System, tombstone photos on FindAGrave.com, and other online resources;
      • New Use a new button to communicate suggestions or corrections to the developers;
      • New The map and monuments now loads much more quickly, taking time to load other databases (i.e., units, people) only if/when needed.
      • New Added 413 Gettysburg-related monuments that are not in Adams County, PA. 29 states and Canada are represented;
      • New Added 56 "Historical Sites" including farmhouses around the battlefield with a short history, tenants at the time of the battle, construction timeline, materials, etc.;
      • New Added dozens of unit nicknames (e.g., Bucktails) by which you can find a military unit;
      • New Added counties of recruitment for each regiment (For PA: county of recruitment is by regiment and company and includes company nicknames);
      • New Added more than 52,000 variations on the names of people (variations in official records, spelling, nicknames, inscription errors, etc.) with the source for each. For performance reasons, name aliases are not shown on the Person List (or searchable) by default but this feature can be turned on from the Options screen;
      • New Added 2390 people from the 1860 U. S. Census of Gettysburg;
      • New Added 1325 people from the 1860 U. S. Census of Cumberland Township;
      • New Added 556 surgeons and doctors from both armies;
      • New Added 251 citizens (including USCT soldiers) who were buried in the Lincoln Cemetery;
      • New Added 32 Gettysburg veterans who were buried in the U.S. Army General Hospital Cemetery in York, PA;
      • New Added 780 Gettysburg veterans who are known to be buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond;
      • New Added 1197 Gettysburg veterans who were buried in 40 other confederate cemeteries;
      • New Added birth, occupation, death, and/or burial info for hundreds more officers of both armies;
      • New Added references for further reading for soldiers who authored letters in the Bachelder Papers.

    Video Training Series 17 Aug 2013

    These new videos will help you make the most of the features of Pocket Gettysburg:

    Pocket Gettysburg 1.0 for Android 30 April 2013

    This is the original release but we are very interested in your comments and suggestions

    Pocket Gettysburg 1.0 for iPhone/iPad 27 September 2012

    This is the original release but we are very interested in your comments and suggestions